Have a magical day, Mickey mouse pancakes,  Chris the bar man, Concrete dolphins and swans, Rich falling asleep in the toilet, 48oz steak’s, rain, sweat, volunteers, the cheesecake factory and some agile.

Just some of my takeaways from the agile2010 conference at The Truman Show Disney World, Orlando.

I have been using Agile principals on and off for 5 years, and have generally been quite dogmatic about SCRUM, however after the conference, I have to say that’s I have change my way of thinking . The overarching trend in all of the talks was that its not about Scrum or any process, its about the principals.

I have long believed that its always about the people over the process, and need to adapt that statement, its about the peoples attitude or the way of thinking of the companies people. Mary Poppendieck made a great statement, People are not Resources , its absolutely the right way to think.

I have setup a group on the agile alliance forums site for those based in London to get together and keep the thinking from the conference going.