All too often courses are run to a tight predefined schedule, and while useful are not always relevant, this was different.
I attended Luke Hohmann’s Innovation games workshop on the Saturday and Sunday prior to the Agile2010 conference in Orlando, the 2 day course was great and unique in that there was only 4 of us in attendance due to people pulling out at the last minute.

So the premise of the course is play the games and learn the different facilitation techniques for each game, we managed to play 7 of the 12 games over the 2 days, but what I found most valuable was interesting facilitation techniques and the in-depth talks we got into, which would not have been possible with a larger group.
Looking forward to playing the online games, especially the “Buy a Feature” game with the teams in Betfair, and doing some online facilitation in the coming weeks.
Over the course of the agile conference, many other speakers brought in and used one or more of Luke’s games, it really feels the time has come to start playing with serious games.
If you would like any information on Innovation Games please do get in touch.